At the end of the day – they are still blocks

There are so few toys as simple as blocks. Wooden, squishy, plastic or foam - their design is simple and yet aesthetic to the senses. They are six sided, three dimensional, hollow inside or otherwise and occasionally painted. That's it! Blocks are one of the few virtually indestructible objects in the toddler world. No amount... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award

I have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition award by Tanya Sheik. This is my first of-its-kind recognition on WordPress and I feel so elated! Thanks Tanya!! Tanya writes out her mind - I've seen her cook, sketch and reflect. Her recollections from childhood are raw and fascinating. Her writing style is authentic (you will... Continue Reading →

Covid19 Pandemic: What happens to abuse victims and homeless children now?

With no pharmaceutical interventions available for the Covid-19, non-pharmaceutical social interventions such as social distancing, shelter-in-place, quarantine and isolate are the only options available to lower transmissions and flatten the curve.  China, India, Italy have put in place effective lockdowns and quarantines; the results are beginning to show - lower hospitalizations, lower cases, lower community... Continue Reading →

Stuck at Home? Books that inspire Play

In the last few weeks my parenting standards have been put to test several times in a day. I had googled n number of sites looking for that potion that would miraculously get my preschoolers to adjust to the ever changing demands of social distancing. I skimmed through virtual tours, educational content, jam sessions, virtual... Continue Reading →

Lenten Reflections: Why this Lent is not gonna end with Easter

This Lenten season has been unique by itself. Most of us have already been forced to give up on our routines, luxuries, social life and left quarantined at our homes. We have been called to give up greater and far more consequential deeds, that the usual fasting, giving up on indulgences, spiritual routines and charity... Continue Reading →

Can I use e-gift cards to show my support for local businesses?

Both my daughters love ice creams with rainbow sprinkles. Cup or cone they love licking the cold guy. Lazy Saturday evenings were spent licking ice creams at Andia's or at ColdStone Creamery. Things changed by mid-March as social distancing become mandatory. I brought out the baking sheets, jaggery, ghee and started dishing out sweet treats.... Continue Reading →

The Man who Bought a Rolls-Royce

When I was around eight years old, I remember my mother telling me a story about a man who ordered a Rolls-Royce. The story is obscure in my memory, but it is worth retelling the same as I remember (with my own bits and pieces everywhere). So it goes... 2020 Rolls-Royce In the old sleepy... Continue Reading →

The economic fallout of the Covid pandemic

These are trying times. Our lives have undergone massive changes that there are times we feel - things are just not right, stuffs are not within my control, wish I could turn the clock backwards, wish this did not even happen, maybe it’s karma or I just can't take this any longer. With the corona... Continue Reading →

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